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Formdex Plus

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FORMDEX concrete waterproofing and protection materials are based on cementitious inorganic products that are 100% compatible with concrete.

FORMDEX products offer an effective and permanent waterproofing solution to concrete structures and at the same time, provide protection against aggresive sub-soil waters.
The FORMDEX range of products are supplied either in powder form, ready to mix with water; or as two-component polymer modified membranes.
Formdex Plus is a special blend of cement , quartz sand and active chemicals in powder form for the protection of concrete against water penetration. Formdex Plus provides in-depth waterproofing and permanent protection against water penetration by pressure of osmosis and reacts with moisture and free lime in the concrete, forming crystals which seal the capillaries and pores.
Formdex Plus is easly mixed by adding water in the right proportion and stirring to from a slurry which can be applied by brush or spray. Application by dry sprinkling is possible to either lean concrete before laying the slab or onto the surface of newly laid concrete.
Formdex Plus should not be used by itself where movement or micro cracking is anticipated. In this instance, Formdex Uniflex is recommended.
Advantages of Formdex Plus
· Formdex Plus is permanent because the crystals become an integral part of the concrete structure.
· Formdex Plus waterproofs concrete deeply due to the penetration of insoluble crystals in the capillary system.
· Formdex Plus can be applied on to the active or passive side of the structure.
· Formdex Plus treatment increases concrete’s resistance to frost, weathering, salt water, aggressive ground water and many chemicals.
How Formdex Plus works
1. Section of dry concrete wall showing the natural free lime and moisture in the capilary system
2. Concrete wall exposed to water. The water has forced its way into the capillaries. Long term effect: leaky, damaged concrete.
3. The reaction between free lime, moisture and Formdex Plus chemicals begin to take effect. Formdex Plus penetrates into the concrete forming chemical complexes that substantially constrict the capillaries.
4. The concrete is now water-tight. Formdex Plus chemical complexes remain in the concrete, ready to reactive upon contact with water.
Only Hitchins’ trained applicators are approved to undertake all application work.
Formdex Plus carries a long-term warranty for both the material an workmanship. The warranty is further backed by Hitchins International Fidelity Fund.

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